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Electrical modeling of the buffer layer for A Cu2O/ZnO solar cell using SILVACO atlas

Dumitru, C. , Muscurel, V.-F. , Nordseth, Ø. , Fara, L. , Sterian, P.
UPB scientific bulletin, Series B: Chemistry and materials science, Vol. 79, no. 2 (2017), 173-178
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A numerical analysis of the ZnO buffer layer based on physical modeling in SILVACO Atlas has been carried out for a Cu2O/ZnO subcell in a Si-based tandem heterojunction solar cell design, in order to evaluate and improve the metaloxide subcell performance. The influence of the thickness and electronic parameters of the buffer layer on the electrical performance of the Cu2O/ZnO subcell was investigated. A study for the optimum buffer layer electron affinity has been made to find the most suitable candidate materials. This leads to a conclusion that the ZnO buffer layer could be replaced with a theoretically better Ta2O5, β-Ga2O3 or a compound zinc oxide buffer layer
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