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Simulation of sodium silicate water diversion using IORSim

Hiorth, A. , Sagen, J. , Lohne, A. , Omekh, A.V. , Nossen, J. , Haukås, J. , Sira, T.
IOR 2017 - European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery , 19, Stavanger, 2017-04-24--04-27
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We demonstrate that it is possible to predict the impact of a sodium silicate injection on oil recovery by using a coupled approach where an industry standard reservoir model, Eclipse, interacts with a simulator for species transport and reaction, IORSim, using file based communication. The main motivation for our approach is that it makes it possible to take advantage of history matched industry standard reservoir models and use these models together with new models for ion transport and geochemical reactions. In IORSim a block sorting technique is used to speed up the computation of species transport and chemical interactions. IORSim also has a thermal model which can be used if the temperature option is not used in the reservoir simulator. The validity of our approach has been checked by comparing with analytical solution and by comparing with an in-house reservoir simulator. Our in-house version solves the multiphase sodium silicate system implicitly. We demonstrate that it is possible to get the very similar results with the sequential IORSim-ECLIPSE coupling and our in-house reservoir simulator by choosing reasonable reporting steps in ECLIPSE. The numerical scheme is improved by using an adaptive implicit numerical scheme and a Cranc-Nicolson method for solving the geochemical reactions.
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