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Simplified generalised drift velocity correlation for elongated bubbles in liquid in pipes

Livinus, A. , Verdin, P. , Lao, L. , Nossen, J. , Langsholt, M. , Sleipnæs, H.-G.
Journal of petroleum science and engineering, Vol. 160 (2018), 106-118. Available online 14 October 2017
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Most of the existing drift velocity models have limitations, and sometimes low predictive capabilities, primarily because they are derived from experimental data which scarcely account for the combined effect of viscosity, surface tension and pipe inclination. Published data of drift velocity of elongated bubbles in pipes have been extracted from the open literature, and new data have been generated from Taylor bubble experiments conducted in a low pressure flow loop using nominal oil viscosities of 160cP and 1140cP in 0.099 m and 0.057 m internal diameter inclined pipes (1.0–7.5° from horizontal). These data have been processed and a simplified generalised drift velocity correlation established. The evaluation of some existing elongated bubble rise velocity has also been carried out. The prediction of the drift velocity of a single elongated gas bubble in liquid in pipes can sometimes be over-estimated by 20% or more, and sometimes be under-estimated by 20% or more. It is shown that the new proposed simplified generalised correlation has an improved predictive capability when used to estimate the drift velocity of a bubble in stagnant liquid in a pipe.
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