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Visualizing risk related information for work orders through the planning process of maintenance activities

Sarshar, S. , Haugen, S.
Safety science, Vol. 101 (Jan 2018), 144-154. Available online 11 September 2017
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Major accidents are characterized by complex causal patterns with many factors influencing the occurrence of such accidents. Within the offshore petroleum industry the causes can be found not just in the execution of maintenance work, but also in the preparations and planning before performing the work. Planning of the work activities plays an important role in managing the activities and installation risk by identifying hazards and ensuring measures are planned for. One important basis for developing good plans and plan the work properly is to have the right information available at the right time in a format that facilitates understanding of important risk related aspects of the work. This paper presents a computerized display for a concept for how risk related information can be visualized in an operational context when establishing work orders. Design iterations have included participants from operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf.
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