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Modelling organizational learning from successes in the nuclear industry – Staff meetings as forums of knowledge sharing and acquisition

Viitanen, K. , Koskinen, H. , Skjerve, A.B. , Axelsson, C. , Liinasuo, M. , Bisio, R.
Paper presented at the 7th REA Symposium 26th-29th June 2017.
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Utilizing lessons learned from successful experiences in the context of safety-critical organizations has been receiving increasing interest among both scientific and practitioner communities. However, despite the attention, there is a need to better understand how success-related knowledge can be utilized to ensure safety and what tools and practices can be used to facilitate this process. In this paper, we focus on staff meetings as forums of knowledge sharing and acquisition. We describe staff meeting practices from empirical case studies, carried out at two Nordic nuclear power plants, and examine how the staff meetings contribute to organizational learning from successes. Based on these insights, we propose an integrative framework that aims to identify the factors that facilitate or hinder organizational learning from successes.
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