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Learning from successes in nuclear operations - a guideline

Skjerve, A.B. , Viitanen, K. , Axelsson, C. , Bisio, R. , Koskinen, H. , Liinasuo, M.
ESREL 2017, Portoroz, Slovenia, 2017-06-18--06-22. In: Safety and Reliability – Theory and Applications / Edited by Marko Čepin and Radim Briš - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2017. - ISBN 978-1-138-62937-0
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In safety-critical industries, lessons learned have traditionally been established based on adverse events. Still, modern safety science argues that much may be learned from successful occurrences as well. Establishing lessons learned from successes is challenging, e.g., because different stakeholders have different views on what constitutes a success. In this study, a practical guideline was developed to assist nuclear-power plant personnel in establishing lessons learned from successful operational occurrences. The guideline was developed based on eight principles on how to learn from successful occurrences, created from findings in a literature review and insights gained from two empirical studies in Nordic nuclear power plants. The guideline contains three sections: (I) how to capture success, (II) how to analyze successful performance and establish lessons learned, and (III) how to priorities lessons learned for implementation. The guideline is designed to be scalable. It will be exposed to a user test in 2017
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