Man, Technology and Organisation

Integrating human reliability analysis and human factors engineering for risk-informed plant design and improvement

Taylor, C.
PSAM Topical Conference 2017 Human Reliability, Quantitative Human Factors and Risk Management, Munchen, 2017-06-07--06-09
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Despite the apparent clear link between HFE and HRA, anecdotal evidence suggests that HRA is not regularly applied as part of an HFE approach because it is too difficult, because there is so much uncertainty in HFE projects, and because there is no clear guidance on how to integrate the two. This paper argues that HRA naturally fits within an overall HFE approach due to the overlap in qualitative techniques used for both. This argument is reinforced by the recent research on HRA, which highlights the importance of qualitative analysis techniques for HRA for in-depth understanding of the role of the human operator in the overall system. The paper also makes a case for the benefits of integrating HRA into early design evaluation (both for new build and plant modification), and proposes a model for how this can be achieved based on the well-known NUREG-0711 HFE approach. The model is illustrated by means of a case study from the nuclear industry, which also highlights the benefits and challenges of this approach.
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