Magnetic properties of Mo-stabilized bulk Fe3B magnet

Pal, S.K. , Diop, L.V.B. , Skokov, K.P. , Gutfleisch, O.
Scripta Materialia, Vol. 139 (Mar 2017), 234-237
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Fe3B is a metastable high temperature phase and exists in orthorhombic and tetragonal structures. Here, we report on synthesis, structural and magnetic properties of tetragonal (P4(2)/n) Fe3B stabilized by a very small substitution of Mo (1-3 at%) for Fe. The (Fe0.98Mo0.02)(3)B compound possesses a high Curie temperature of 780 K and high saturation magnetization of 175 A.m(2)/kg (1.60 T). Magnetocrystalline anisotropy field of around 0.8 T and anisotropy energy of 340 kJ/m(3) have been determined for magnetically-oriented fine particles of (Fe0.98Mo0.02)(3)B.
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