Influence of ultra-short cryomilling on the microstructural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite

Guzik, M.N. , Golasiński, K.M. , Pedrosa, F.J. , Jenuš, P. , Bollero, A. , Hauback, B.C. , Deledda, S.
Journal of alloys and compounds, Vol. 721 (15 October 2017), 440-448
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The impact of ultra-short milling at liquid nitrogen temperatures on structural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) powders has been explored for the first time. Cryomilling for only up to 9 min increases the coercivity of the isotropic powder from 139 to 306 kA/m (1.74–3.85 kOe) and results in its modifications comparable with milling for hours at room temperature. A thermal treatment of processed CoFe2O4 enables further optimization of powder magnetic properties and leads to a high value of energy product (13.5 kJ/m3) for the sample treated at 600 °C. Systematic studies, comprising analysis of structural and microstructural properties, based on synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction, scanning and transition electron microscopy demonstrate the high efficiency of cryomilling in reduction of crystallite sizes and formation of lattice strain in the processed cobalt ferrite samples.
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