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Thermal conductivity and internal temperature profiles of Li-ion secondary batteries

Richter, F. , Kjelstrup, S. , Vie, P.J.S. , Burheim, O.S.
Journal of power sources, Vol. 359 (15 August 2017), 592-600
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In this paper we report the thermal conductivity for commercial battery components. Materials were obtained from several electrode- and separator manufacturers, and some were extracted from commercial batteries. We measured with and without electrolyte solvent and at different compaction pressures. The experimentally obtained values are used in a thermal model and corresponding internal temperature profiles are shown. The thermal conductivity of dry separator materials was found to range from 0.07±0.010.07±0.01 to 0.18±0.020.18±0.02WK−1m−1WK−1m−1. Dry electrode (active) materials ranged from 0.13±0.020.13±0.02 to 0.61±0.020.61±0.02WK−1m−1WK−1m−1. Adding the electrolyte solvent increased the thermal conductivity of electrode (active) materials by at least a factor of 2.
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