Hydrogen sorption and electrochemical properties of intermetallic compounds La2MgNi9 and La1.9Mg1.1Ni9

Son, V.B. , Volodin, A.A. , Denys, R.V. , Yartys, V.A. , Tarasov, B.P.
Russian chemical bulletin, Vol. 65, no. 8 (2016), 1971-1976. First online: 28 March 2017.
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Intermetallic compounds La3–xMgxNi9 (x = 1.0, 1.1) were synthesized and their hydrogen sorption and electrochemical properties were studied. The maximum hydrogen storage capacities for La2MgNi9 and La1.9Mg1.1Ni9 were shown to be 1.6±0.1 and 1.5±0.1 wt.%, respectively, and the unit cell volume increased by 24% and 16%, respectively, upon the hydrogenation of the alloys. The maximum specific capacity of the electrodes with the La1.9Mg1.1Ni9 and La2MgNi9 alloys is 390 mA h g–1 at a discharge current density of 60 mA g–1, which is 24% higher as compared to the similar data for the LaNi5 alloy (315 mA h g–1). The electrodes demonstrate high specific capacity and performance at high current densities, as well as good cyclic stability.
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