Effect of nanoparticle (Pd, Pd/Pt, Ni) deposition on high temperature hydrogenation of Ti-V alloys in gaseous flow containing CO

Suwarno, S. , Williams, M. , Solberg, J.K. , Yartys, V.A.
Progress in natural science, Vol. 27, no. 1 (2017), 93-98
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The hydrogenation properties of Ti-V hydrides coated with nanoparticles have been studied in gaseous mixtures of argon and hydrogen with and without additions of 1% CO. Nanoparticles of Pd, Ni, and co-deposited Pd/Pt with particle sizes of ~30–60 nm were formed by electroless deposition on the hydride surfaces. The alloy resistance to CO could be significantly improved by particle deposition. Large amounts of hydrogen were absorbed in a CO-containing gas when Ni and Pd/Pt deposition had been applied, while pure Pd deposition had no positive effect. Ni was found to have a stronger effect than those of Pd/Pt and Pd, possibly because of the size effect of Ni nanoparticles.
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