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Hynor Lillestrøm - A renewable hydrogen station & technology test center

Ulleberg, Ø. , Meyer, J. , Eriksen, J. , Norheim, A. , Gjerløw, J.C.
20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, WHEC 2014, 2 pp. 132-139
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A small-scale renewable energy hydrogen refueling station (HRS) and hydrogen technology test center has been designed, built, and set in operation by Hynor Lillestrøm and partners. The HRS includes an alkaline water electrolyzer with a production capacity of 1 kg H2 per hour (10 bar), a two-stage hydrogen compressor (10/1000 bar), a 45 kg H2 storage (500 and 950 bar), and a 700 bar dispenser (with -40°C pre-cooling) that supplies hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles (PEM-based FCEVs). Inside the R&D building there is a process room for testing and development of new hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The following installations are currently being validated: (1) a thermally driven metal hydride (MH) hydrogen compressor (10 Nm3/h at 10/200 bar); (2) a biogas (>90% CH4) based sorption enhanced steam methane reforming (SESMR) system with a production capacity of 10 Nm3/h (0.5 bar); (3) and a biogas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) with a rated power of 20 kWel. The main system innovations currently being demonstrated at the Hynor Lillestrøm Test Center: (1) High pressure (200 bar) hydrogen gas system integration between the HRS and MH-compressor and (2) High temperature heat (1000°C) system integration between the SESMR and a SOFC. The design and first operational experiences of the hydrogen systems installed at Hynor Lillestrøm are presented.
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