Et utvalg av IFEs forskningsprosjekter
Concept study of a 200 kW demo-plant for combined production of hydrogen and electricity with integrated CO2 capture (2008-2009)
The main objective of the project is to carry out the process design of a 200 kW ZEG demonstration plant for combined production of hydrogen and electricity with integrated CO2 capture.
Project title: Fundamental investigations on Improved Materials and Storage Concepts for a Hydrogen based Integrated Total Energy Utilisation System
COPMA (Computerised OPerating MAnuals)
COPMA-III is a software tool for supporting the use and development of Computerised Procedure Systems (CPS). COPMA-III has been used in human performance experiments in IFEs human-machine laboratory HAMMLAB and is also part of the permanent alarm display system in the laboratory.
DC-casting Models
Mathematical modelling of DC-casting is used to understand the basic mechanisms of the process and to interpret casting experiments, and the models ALSIM and ALSPEN have been used in process design and development over a long period of time. Current topics of research are the coupled stress, thermal and fluid flow modelling of the start-up phase of the process as well as grid refinement and adaptivity applied on finite element grids.
Deep sea offshore wind turbine technology
The exploitation of open sea (deep-water) wind energy resources can give access to a large number of sites with good wind conditions and less restrictions (noise, visual acceptance) than on-shore. Wind turbines used here may differ from conventional designs due to different operational conditions and absence of some restrictions.
Developing Neutron Reflectometry for materials research in Norway
Neutron Reflectometry is an advanced analytical method that can provide depth resolved information ranging from about 5 to 5000 Å. It allows access to the concentration of a species in a direction perpendicular to the film surface, probe lateral order and also determine the magnetic micro-structure. Neutron Reflectometry has never been performed inside Norway and Norwegian researchers have to rely on large-scale facilities and scientific know-how located outside the Nordic countries to perform these studies.
Diagnostic Decision Support [2012-2017]
The goal of the Diagnostic Decision Support project has been to investigate goal- and function-oriented modelling and qualitative reasoning to automate the diagnosis and prognosis process.
Dynamic RadIation Visualisation Engine - DRIVE 2011-2013
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA) decided in December 2010 to fund a new project for the 2011-2013 timeframe. The tittle of the project was “Dynamic RadIation Visualisation Engine” (DRIVE). The participants were Institute for energy technology (IFE) and Federal Medical Biological Center (FMBC), who was a subcontractor to IFE. In addition participated the operator of Andreeva Bay, SevRAO, and the local regulator, FMBA-120. The DRIVE project utilized results and experiences from the existing and continued DOSEMAP and DATAMAP projects by using IFE tools to enhance regulatory supervision and safety planning in the Andreeva Bay area. That was achieved by developing tools for the optimization of the waste management strategy and by improving radiation safety through better worker radiation awareness in the Andreeva Bay premises.
Dynatec lav-energi produksjonsreaktor for silisium
Forskningsprosjektet vil utforske sentrale problemstillinger for videre utvikling av en helt ny teknologi for produksjon av høyrent silisium til solceller. Dynatec Engineering og IFE vil, sammen med flere partnere, bygge en andregenerasjons forskningsreaktor, der både reaktordesign og ulike nye mekanismer for mer automatisert drift vil testes. Det er støttet av EnergiX-programmet i Norges Forskningsråd.
EC Project EGS Pilot Plan
Our department in collaboration with Corrosion department at IFE takes part in the largest European Geothermal Project dealing with Hot Dry Rock (HDR) Technology in Soultz, France.
The ENGINE project is EC Network within 6FP, which coordinates “Unconventional Geothermal Resources and Enhanced Geothermal Systems”, from resource investigation and assessment stage through to exploitation monitoring.
In collaboration with the Physics Department at IFE, we take part in EC FP6 IP with acronym STORHY that deals with hydrogen storage for car application.
Novel Complex Metal Hydrides for Efficient and Compact Storage of Renewable Energy as Hydrogen and Electricity (EU Project no. 607040)
Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP)
ENVITRACER - Running EU project under the 5th framework
Development of environmentally friendly tracer technology for improved reservoir description.
ESS - IFE test beamline for neutron detectors
Collaborative activities between IFE and ESS. The main goal is to provide a dedicated beam channel for testing of detectors and the development of new neutron techniques relevant to ESS.
EU-prosjekt på hydrogen
ENSYS har gjennomført prosjektet ”Market potential analysis for introduction of hydrogen energy technology in stand alone power systems”. Prosjektet var innenfor EU-programmet ALTENER, gikk over to år og hadde som mål å analysere det europeiske markedspotensialet for alenestående energisystemer basert på fornybare kilder og hydrogen som energibærer. Et alenestående anlegg basert på hydrogen og fornybare kilder er utslippsfritt, så godt som støyfritt og krever ikke noen infrastruktur for transport av drivstoff.
FME-senteret, arbeidspakke 7 / Energieffektiv kjemisk silisiumproduksjon (2014-2017)
Målet er å få en bedre forståelse av de komplekse prosessene involvert i pyrolyse av silan (termisk dekomponering). Det er ønskelig med lite biprodukter fra prosessen, så vel som lav total energibruk. FME-senteret på solenergi er et samarbeid mellom IFE, SINTEF, NTNU og UiO, i samarbeid med 10 ulike industripartnere. Prosjektet er støttet av EnergiX-programmet i Norges Forskningsråd.
FOREST (Guidance for sampling in forests for radionuclide analysis and update of the Nordic forest radioecology network)
IFE er koordinator for prosjektet FOREST, et av flere prosjekter i regi av NKS (Nordisk kjernesikkerhetsforskning) som IFE deltar i. Prosjektet startet opp i 2005 og har som mål å utarbeide en veileding for prøvetaking i nordisk skog, samt å danne et nordisk faglig nettverk for arbeid relatert til radioøkologi i skog.
From waste to value: New industrial process for mineral dressing by use of CO2 (2004-2007)
This program investigates the possibility of industrial use of CO2 for reaction with silicates to form carbonates and improved silicate products.