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Core Data Viewer
3D visualisation of reactor core data, such as power density distribution, is a powerful technique for gaining insight into the characteristics of a reactor core's state. The Core Data Viewer is a configurable software application developed to enable 3D visualisation of user-supplied data to be provided on engineers’ computers and in classrooms, with appropriate functionality to support meaningful exploration of the data.
HVRC VRdose® is a real-time software tool for modelling and characterising nuclear environments, planning a sequence of activities in a modelled environment, optimising protection against radiation, producing job plan reports with dose estimates, and briefing stakeholders.
ProcSee® is a versatile software tool to develop and display dynamic graphical user interfaces. It is a mature, high-quality software product, designed and optimized for large-scale simulators and process monitoring & control applications.
Software Bus
The Software Bus (SWBus) is an object-oriented, TCP/IP based, data communication system particularly aimed at simulator systems and process surveillance and control systems. It handles complex, user-defined data types and is optimised for transferring a large number of variables from a central data source to a large number of clients.