Nyheter fra Institutt for energiteknikk
ProcSee 3.5 released
ProcSee version 3.5 was released 28. June 2007.
SWBus 4.5 released
SWBus version 4.5 was released 21. December 2006
ProcSee 3.4 released
ProcSee version 3.4 was released 21. December 2006.
Vellykket åpen dag i Halden
IFE ønsket å informere Haldens befolkning om hva IFE-Halden driver med, og åpnet derfor Instituttet en dag for å bidra til mer åpenhet rundt virksomheten i Halden.
ProcSee 3.3.1 released
Version 3.3.1 is a minor upgrade from 3.3 and is available on the Microsoft Windows platform only. Unix and Linux users should continue with version 3.3.
ProcSee 3.3 released
Version 3.3, the first version using the name ProcSee, was released 30. January 2006.
Picasso changes name to ProcSee
From October 2005, IFE’s software tool for developing and displaying dynamic graphical user interfaces changes name from Picasso to ProcSee.
OPC plugin for Picasso
OPC is an established industry standard for automation and process control applications on the Microsoft Windows platform. During the first half of 2005 we have added features to Picasso to better support accessing data from OPC servers. Below is a brief description of the new functionality and a simple way to download a beta version with the new features available.