Battery modeling and Kalman filter-based State-of-Charge estimation for a race car application
Effect of acetic acid on sour corrosion of carbon steel
Electrochemistry of mackinawite electrodes in sour aqueous solutions
Visualizing risk related information for work orders through the planning process of maintenance activities
Sour top of line corrosion testing with methanol
Visualization of gas-liquid multiphase pseudo-slug flow using Wire-Mesh Sensor
Modelling organizational learning from successes in the nuclear industry – Staff meetings as forums of knowledge sharing and acquisition
Learning from successes in nuclear operations - a guideline
Hydrogen sorption in erbium borohydride composite mixtures with LiBH4 and/or LiH
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Computer-based human-machine interfaces for emergency operation
Role of lone pair cations in ferroelectric tungsten bronzes
Evaluating situation awareness in the control room. The development and initial assessment of the process awareness and situation understanding (PASU) measure
Stress corrosion cracking testing of 13Cr stainless steel in dense phase CO2 with oxygen
Corrosion of carbon steel in dense phase CO2 with water above and below the solubility
Investigation of caprock integrity due to pressure build-up during high-volume injection into the Utsira formation
Inter-laboratory exercise with an aim to compare methods for 90Sr and 239,240Pu determination in environmental soil samples
Development of cost effective and high performance composite for CO2 capture in Ca-Cu looping process
Effect of foundation modelling on the fatigue lifetime of a monopile-based offshore wind turbine
Dyke emplacement and crustal structure within a continental large igneous province, northern Barents Sea