Simplified generalised drift velocity correlation for elongated bubbles in liquid in pipes
Multiphase flow simulation in an annulus configuration
Characterization of thermal neutron beam monitors
Self-assembly of mixtures of telechelic and monofunctional amphiphilic polymers in water: From clusters to flowerlike micelles
Synthesis and temperature-induced self-assembly of a positively charged symmetrical pentablock terpolymer in aqueous solutions
The force of crystallization and fracture propagation during in-situ carbonation of peridotite
Micro-Raman scattering of nanoscale silicon in amorphous and porous silicon
In-situ powder neutron diffraction study on the formation process of LaMg2NiH7
Cell performance comparison between C14- and C15 - Predomiated AB2 metal hydride alloys
Comparison of C14- and C15-predomiated AB2 metal hydride alloys for electrochemical applications
Temperature dependent photoluminescence imaging calibrated by photoconductance measurements
Modeling of recombination strength at grain boundaries after phosphorus diffusion gettering and the effect of hydrogen passivation
Temporal stability of a-Si:H and a-SiNx:H on crystalline silicon wafers
Investigation of Nanoscale Quasi Pyramid Texture for HIT Solar Cells Using n-type High Performance Multicrystalline Silicon
Minority carrier lifetimes in Cz-Si wafers with intentional V-I transitions
Influence of temperature and residence time on thermal decomposition of monosilane
Sour corrosion
Longyearbyen CO2-lab. Core petrography
Chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) and chemical looping combustion (CLC) using copper-enriched oxygen carriers supported on fly ash
On the recombination centers of iron-gallium pairs in Ga-doped silicon