Primary vs. secondary H-atom abstraction in the Cl-atom reaction with n-pentane
Lumley decomposition of turbulent boundary layer at high Reynolds numbers
Effect of nanoparticle (Pd, Pd/Pt, Ni) deposition on high temperature hydrogenation of Ti-V alloys in gaseous flow containing CO
MgCo2-D2 and MgCoNi-D2 systems synthesized at high pressures and interaction mechanism during the HDDR processing
The use of metal hydrides in fuel cell applications
Preparation of yttrium hydride-based photochromic films by reactive magnetron sputtering
GammaSpec 2016 Proceedings
An inter-comparison exercise on evaluating the application of novel techniques in radiochemical analysis
Structural morphology effects on the electrochemical cycling of MgH2 anode for lithium ion batteries
Quaternary Mg-based transition-metal complex hydrides produced by reactive milling
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KNH2 – KK: a metal amide – hydride solid solution
Synthesis, structure and properties of newbimetallic M-RE-BH4 compounds, RE = La, M= Na, K
Precursor state for formation of a complex hydride
Mg(BH4)2 – reaction pathways and effect of additives
Synchrotron techniques for the Mg2FeH6-Mg(BH4)2 hydrogen storage system
Crystal structure indicator: The ionic filling fraction of hydrides with arbitrary arranged ionic components
Quaternary Mg-based transition-metal complex hydrides produced by reactive milling
Mg(BH4)2 –studies of additives and isotopic exchange
In operando neutron diffraction study of LaNdMgNi9H13 as a metal hydride battery anode