OECD Exchange of Operating Experience concerning Computer-based Systems Important to Safety Project

The COMPSIS project is a joint project to collect and analyse operating experience on computer-based Control Systems Important to Safety.

The COMPSIS project aims to facilitate the exchange of operating experience in the area of computer-based control systems important to safety. The overall objective is to improve safety management and the quality of risk analysis of the software used in I&C systems and other equipment. Software and hardware faults in safety-critical systems are typically rare and consequently most countries do not experience enough of them to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions after their occurrence. Combining information from several countries has proved a successful method for overcoming this problem in several other NEA joint projects and this approach will be employed in the course of the COMPSIS project.

The COMPSIS project is operated under the umbrella of OECD NEA and its Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI).

The COMPSIS project is led by a Steering Group composed of the national coordinators of the COMPSIS member countries.

The NEA takes care of the administration of the project.

The COMPSIS project operate through a Operational Agent which is hosted by Institute for Energy Technology, Halden, Norway.