The ChNPP Planner translated into Russian

In week 44, the VISIT department had a visit of two software specialists from Chernobyl NPP (ChNPP) in Ukraine, who helped us translating the ChNPP Planner into Russian.

In week 44, the ChNPP project had a visit from ChNPP of two SW-specialists who helped us translating Halden Planner into Russian. This is part of IFE's assistance project to ChNPP, which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires. ChNPP Planner is software based on Virtual Reality technology for planning work tasks in a radioactive environment including dose calculation for the personnel doing the work tasks.

The ChNPP representatives visiting IFE were:

  • Anton Gavrilin (Decommissioning Dept Scientific-Technical Information and Database Team Lead Engineer)
  • Rotislav Dudnik (Thermal Automatics and Measuring Shop programmer engineer)

They were here for one week and the week they managed to translate most of the text from English into Russian in addition to testing the application. From IFE the project engineer Mr. Svein-Tore Edvardsen, the project engineer Mr. Joachim Bratteli and the project coordinator Mr. Mikhail Iazikov participated in addition to the project leader Mr. Niels-Kr. Mark.

At the below picture Mr. Gavrilin and Mr. Dudnik are in the VISIT VR-Lab looking at the ChNPP unit 1 model in stereo using ChNPP Planner and discussing technical details with Mr. Joachim Bratteli. Mr. Dudnik is standing while Mr. Gavrilin is sitting and Mr. Bratteli is at the PC.

ChNPP visit to IFE week 44
















The final release of the ChNPP Planner beta 1 will be in week 50 when Mr. Joachim Bratteli and Mr. Niels-Kristian Mark will go to ChNPP. During their visit to ChNPP they will install the software at ChNPP for ChNPP to test it and they will give a course in the use of ChNPP Planner.