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Emergency Process Information System for Loviisa NPP

During January-June 2010, IFE designed, implemented and installed an emergency process information system at the two units of Loviisa nuclear power plant in Finland. The system is based on IFE’s software package for human-system-interfaces, ProcSee, and will be used in case of an emergency situation at the plant to enable remote monitoring of key process parameter values at the Finnish radiation authorities and at Fortum’s emergency monitoring centre. The system has passed Fortum’s and STUK’s acceptance testing and was put in operation in early August 2010.

Jokstad, Håkon



In case of an emergency situation at the plant, Finnish nuclear power plants are obliged to send key process parameter values to the Finnish radiation authorities, STUK, for remote monitoring. At Loviisa nuclear power plant, the old system was based on outdated hardware and software, and Fortum requested IFE to design and implement a new system based on ProcSee, IFE’s software package for human system interfaces.

Fortum requested that their staff at the plant should be trained to develop the detailed monitoring displays, while IFE should develop the major components in the system and the data communication. After installation, system maintenance should be handled by staff at the plant, with technical assistance from IFE if required.

Main functionality
The EMPI system collects and stores a set of 700 key process parameter values pr unit every 10 seconds. In case of an emergency situation, operators at Loviisa activate the transfer of values to the Finnish radiation protection authority and to Fortum’s emergency monitoring centre located in Espoo near Helsinki.

When data transfer is activated, live process parameter values and their validity, limits, ranges, units, descriptions and alarm priorities can be monitored from the remote sites using detailed monitoring displays. In addition, the latest three hours of historic values for the parameters are transferred for visualisation in trend diagrams, enabling remote monitoring of the situation leading up to the emergency. Live data is continuously appended to the trend diagrams, gradually building up to three months of history.

LoviisaEMPI in operation
EMPI system during acceptance testing. Fortum’s project manager, Robert Valkama, at the screen.