Competence building in reactive multi-phase porous flow for application in CO2-EOR/EGR and geothermal energy (2013)

Project duration: 01.01.2013 - 31.12.2013
1.5 MNOK
Funding by
: IFE SIS project
Project leader:
Alban Souche
Personnel involved:
Alban Souche, Nina Simon

The primary objective of the project is to conduct a combined experimental/numerical study to characterize reactive flow processes during injection of supercritical CO2 in porous rocks. The experimental work is carried out by using a transparent pressurized Hell-Shaw cell specifically designed for the purpose of this study. A parallel study in the project is dedicated to the development of a numerical code able to reproduce the experimental data and allow further characterizations of the reactive flow processes at geological reservoir-scale.

The results may have implications for industrial project dealing with the injection of CO2 for permanent storage in deep aquifers, for enhance oil and gas recovery, or for deep geothermal energy.