BioZEG : Cost efficient conversion of biomass to hydrogen and electricity for transport purposes (2011-2013)

The main objective of the project is to engineer and build a small scale BioZEG pilot plant based on local, renewable energy sources

Meyer, Julien

Seniorforsker, Faggruppeleder / Material- og Prosessteknologi


Project duration: 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013
Budget: 17 MNOK
Funding by: Innovation Norway, ZEG Power AS, Statoil ASA
Project leader: ZEG Power AS
Partners: ZEG Power AS, CMR Prototech, Statoil ASA

The project’s sub-objectives are to demonstrate:

  • Efficient heat integration between SOFC and SE-SMR
  • Cost efficient hydrogen production for transport purposes
  • Cost efficient production of ‘green electricity’ for electric vehicles or plug-in hydrogen/battery hybrid vehicles
  • Sustainable use of waste products for renewable transport or energy purposes
  • Possible use of syngas produced from gasified biomass as raw material

The project will form the basis for further commercialisation of the BioZEG technology.

Read more about the demo plant here (pdf).

The project will also give useful experience for further development of the technology towards large scale energy production based on natural gas or gasified coal.