"The Geilo School" 2013

Soft Matter Confinement: From Biology to Physics
11.03.2013 til
Bardøla Høyfjellshotel, Geilo, Norway
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This will be the 22nd Geilo School held every two years since 1971 at Geilo Norway. See list of previous Geilo schools


Figurillustrasjon Geilo 2013A. Complex fluids, microfluidics and interfaces

B. Non-Gaussian fluctuations in small systems

C. Confinement effects on phase behavior of soft matter systems, biologically inspired problems

D. Confinement in biophysics, physical principles

Topics will cover both experiments and theory. In addition to about 40 hours of invited lectures and seminars, there will be tutorials and discussions.

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for a poster session.

Application form , deadline 18 January 2013

Geilo School Poster

Invited Lecturers

For abstracts of the lectures, click English flag and you will see another version of this page where links to abstracts are included.
Additional material (reprints, preprints) supplied by the lecturers can be downloaded from a Dropbox using the link sent all the participants

  • Eberhard Bodenschatz, Max Planck Institute, Göttingen, Germany
  • Heloisa Bordallo, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Michael Brenner, Harvard University
  • Robin Bruinsma, UCLA, USA
  • Daniel Fletcher, Berkeley, USA
  • Gemunu H. Gunaratne, USA
  • Carlos Marques, Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France
  • Paul Meakin, Temple University, USA
  • David Pine, New York Univ., USA
  • Patrick Tabeling - ESPCI, Paris, France
  • Julia M. Yeomans, University of Oxford, UK

Final Program (pdf)

Programme Committee

Arne T. Skjeltorp - Institute for Energy Technology, Norway (Head)
Mogens Hoegh Jensen - Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark
Joseph McCauley - University of Houston, USA
Roger Pynn- Indiana University, USA
Amy Rowat – UCLA, USA
Joel Stavans - Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


The objective of this School is to bring together researchers with various interests and background including theoretical physicists, soft condensed matter experimentalists, biological physicists and molecular biologists to learn about areas where synergism between modern physics and biology may be most fruitfully applied to the study of various aspects of confinement in soft matter.

As material systems are made smaller, changes occur which may affect properties. The number of atoms close to surfaces increases relative to the numbers that are truly in the bulk. At the same time, thermodynamics is no longer controlled by the laws of large numbers, so dynamical fluctuations often cannot be viewed as Gaussian. Liquids flowing through narrow tubes exhibit laminar flow and do not mix in the same way as fluids in macroscopic containers. In many complex fluids the relative importance of various forces depends on system size so that in biological cells, for example, dissipative forces dominate inertial forces. These and other distinctions between the properties of truly macroscopic systems and those whose spatial dimensions are constrained will be explored at this School, with special emphasis on effects which occur in soft matter, where thermal and cohesive forces are of similar magnitude.

Target participants

The Geilo School is intended for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, and others who would like to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Soft Matter Confinement for application to research in their respective fields.

The number of participants will be limited to about 75.


It is planned to have lectures in this School published as papers in The European Physical Journal as a Special Topics Issue (Springer).


Limited funds are available to defray parts of the expenses of deserving participants. Travel expenses should be based on the most economical fares and means of transport.

Accommodation and transport

Bardøla Høyfjellshotel is located at Geilo, a very attractive ski resort, about 250 km from Oslo. Sunday and the early afternoons of the weekdays will be partly free for skiing and other activities.

The cost of hotel (cost per person per day, all meals included) will be: Single room: NOK 1220; double room: NOK 1020, and cabin 6 persons: NOK 680. (4 persons` cabin may be available for NOK 880).

On Monday 11 March there will be buses leaving Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) at about 13 p.m. (12 from Oslo S station) and at about 15 p.m. On 21 March a return bus will arrive at Oslo Airport at about 2 p.m.

For information or questions, contact the administration of the Institute:

Trine Løkseth
Institute for Energy Technology
P.O. Box 40, NO-2027, Kjeller, Norway

Bardøla hotell og skisporSki tracks at Hallingskarvet and to the right: Bardøla Høyfjellshotel, Geilo, Norway