FAQ - Life at the Physics department

Where is IFE located ?

IFE at Kjeller is located midway between Oslo and the main national airport Gardermoen, some 20 km from the centre of Oslo. The nearest community is Lillestrøm. If you live in Lillestrøm you can walk or bicycle to IFE.

The travel time from Lillestrøm to the centre of Oslo is about 10 minutes by train, and trains run several times an hour. See travel description and map of the region Kart IFE-Kjeller at IFE’s homepage.

What accommodation can IFE offer for new employees ?

IFE owns and administrates a block of 10 bed-sitters located in Lillestrøm. These are about 20 square meters in size and consist of a main room with a kitchenette and a small bathroom. They are furnished and equipped with basic kitchen gadgets, and there is a washing machine in the basement. All the bed-sitters have internet and television.

What about social life ?

waffelsSeveral sports groups are organised at IFE; football, bandy (indoors), aerobic, ping-pong etc. In addition there is a mountain-hiking group that organises hiking tours a couple of times a year. If you choose to be a member at a health centre IFE will reimburse some of the fee.

The Physics Department currently employs 13 post.docs from nine countries. In addition five Ph.Ds and master students are doing their thesis at the department.


Sometimes someone makes waffles or bring a cake on a Friday afternoon...

What about the language ?

English is spoken on a daily basis in the department, but the main language at IFE is Norwegian.  If you want to attend a Norwegian course, IFE will cover the expenses. Lectures are held in Lillestrøm and Oslo.
However, depending on the start date, you may have to attend a class in Oslo.

Physics dep






Staff and students at the Physics department.

What is a post.doc paid ?

In 2014 a post.doc is paid about 500 000 NOK per year.

What Working Facilities can IFE offer ?

The department runs a variety of neutron scattering equipment connected to the reactor JEEP 2, see equipment description Neutron laboratory. JEEP 2 is the only research reactor in Scandinavia (for material research purposes).

Also see description of ball mills, microscopes, hydrogenation equipment etc. in the pdf-document in right column.

The department offers a portable PC to all employees and students as long as they work or do their thesis at IFE.

What about the Climate ?

The summers in Norway, although quite short, can be fairly warm. In July 2005 the temperature peak in Oslo was as high as 34 ºC. The sun is up for the best part of the day, from about 5 am to 11 pm. For a period of up to two months the temperature in the Oslo fjord is between 18 and 23 oC, definitely swim worthy conditions. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the weather varies a lot, and temperatures can drop to 15oC on a rainy day.

Normally during the winter there is snow, with good possibilities for skiing. The temperature normally varies from +5 to –15 °C.