Working at IFE


Lund, Lasse

HR Director


The video is produced 2016/2017.  Solar energy is a research area in great progress at IFE. The Solar Energy Department is presented in this video. Produced by Javier Ernesto Auris, 2017.

IFE is an independent, international energy research institute.

IFE gives priority to larger research programs contributing to technological and industrial innovation. The Institute strives for a more climate friendly energy system based on renewable and CO2-free energy sources.

IFE develops the national expertise within reactor safety, radiation protection and nuclear technology based on the Halden and JEEP II reactors.

IFE’s vision is to be an internationally leading energy research institute.

Corporate culture
IFE is proud to provide research of practical value. We have researchers from over 34 different countries, participate in large, international projects, and 40 percent of our revenues are provided by international clients. IFE has a good working environment with competitive conditions, and a continuous focus on competence training, health, security and environment.

Number of employees
600 employees.

Annual turnover at about 1 billion NOK.

Headquarter at Kjeller (outside of Oslo), and research activities at Kjeller and Halden.

Recruits students from
Different types of scientific backgrounds, ranging from mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineers/graduate engineers from geology, petroleum technology, IT, energy and environmental studies. IFE recruits about 40-50 people each year, of which many newly qualified/students.

IFE has a good program for new employees, among others with a “sponsor” program.

Master/PhD thesis
IFE has many opportunities for students who wish to write a Master or PhD thesis in one of our fields of research. Please contact Department Head in the relevant department if you have a proposal you would like to discuss.

Research for a better future