Master thesis subject suggestion - Nano inks for printed electronics


Foss, Sean Erik

Head of Department

Zhu, Junjie




Printing technology has been applied for the electronics due to its low cost and reasonable quality. The market for printed electronics is huge and growing very fast in recent years. Thus, it attracted more and more interests from both research institutions and industry. Ink, as the fundamental material is definitely most important for the printed electronics. However, ink formation especially for those with inorganic nanoparticles is always a challenge due to the aggregation. In addition, stability is another critical issue. Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) has lot of experience and facility on printing technology (Ink-jet printing, screen printing, etc.). And today, IFE is shifting interests to printed electronics and will start from the nano inks preparation.

Scope of the project

The goal of this project is to develop a stable printable conductive ink. The fundamental on the material synthesis and ink formulation will be well studied. Nanoparticles, nanowires will be synthesized for the ink formulation. The ink will be formulized and characterized. In the end, those nano inks will be tested by the printer and the printed material will be characterized as well.

The detailed action plan of this master thesis includes:

  • Literature review of preparation, characterization and application of nanoparticle, nanowires as well as the ink formulation.
  • Synthesizing nano structure of the conductive material, Ag, Cu etc.
  • Characterization of nano materials by XRD, SEM  etc.
  • Ink formulation and characterization.
  • Printing testing and characterization of the printed materials.

Contact persons:
Junjie Zhu, email,  994 74 138
Sean Erik Foss, email, 975 87 842