Material Technology

Effect of acetic acid on sour corrosion of carbon steel

Kvarekvål, J. , Svenningsen, G.
Corrosion 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2017-03-26--03-30. NACE - International Corrosion Conference Series, 7, 5189-5202. Paper 9318.
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An experimental study of corrosion of carbon steel in the presence of H2S, CO2 and acetic acid has been carried out. H2S and CO2 partial pressures up to 10 bar each were applied, with temperatures of 25 and 90oC. The test solutions consisted of high-salinity brine (100 g/L NaCl, 150 ppm bicarbonate) and low-salinity condensed water (0.1 g/L NaCl). The duration of the tests was around 14 days. Both weight loss corrosion and localized corrosion data were obtained. The entire surfaces of the exposed coupons were scanned with a 3D profilometer, obtaining detailed data on localized corrosion morphology, pit frequency and pit depths. The results are discussed on the background of previous findings and available literature. Paper reproduced with permission from CORROSION/2017 Annual Conference and Exhibition.
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