Norske markedsmuligheter i de globale, fornybare verdikjedene
The use of energy system models for analysing the transition to low-carbon cities – The case of Oslo
In operando neutron diffraction study of LaNdMgNi9H13 as a metal hydride battery anode
The use of metal hydrides in fuel cell applications
MgCo2-D2 and MgCoNi-D2 systems synthesized at high pressures and interaction mechanism during the HDDR processing
Effect of nanoparticle (Pd, Pd/Pt, Ni) deposition on high temperature hydrogenation of Ti-V alloys in gaseous flow containing CO
Hybrid polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell-lithium-ion battery powertrain testing platform - hybrid fuel cell electric vehicle emulator
Hydrogenproduksjon ved småkraftverk: Case studie Rotnes Bruk
The impact of policy actions and future energy prices on the cost-optimal development of the energy system in Norway and Sweden
Nd2Ni2MgH8 hydride: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties
Hydrogen sorption and electrochemical properties of intermetallic compounds La2MgNi9 and La1.9Mg1.1Ni9
Norwegian Energy Road Map 2050: Hvilke tiltak og virkemidler bør belyses? Resultater fra arbeidspakke 1 som innspill til videre analyser
Nanostructured magnesium silicide Mg2Si and its electrochemical performance as an anode of a lithium ion battery
Thermal conductivity and internal temperature profiles of Li-ion secondary batteries
Measurements of ageing and thermal conductivity in a secondary NMC-hard carbon Li-ion battery and the impact on internal temperature profiles
Effect of foundation modelling on the fatigue lifetime of a monopile-based offshore wind turbine
Battery modeling and Kalman filter-based State-of-Charge estimation for a race car application
Comparison of C14- and C15-predomiated AB2 metal hydride alloys for electrochemical applications
Cell performance comparison between C14- and C15 - Predomiated AB2 metal hydride alloys
Long-term cyclability of substoichiometric silicon nitride thin film anodes for Li-ion batteries
Single electrode entropy change for LiCoO2 electrodes