Neutron diffraction and Raman analysis of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 spinel type oxides for use as lithium ion battery cathode and their capacity enhancements
Hydrogenation-induced structure and property changes in the rare-earth metal gallide NdGa: Evolution of a [GaH]2- polyanion containing Peierls-like Ga-H chains
Phase behavior, microstructure and cytotoxicity in mixtures of a charged triblock copolymer and an ionic surfactant
Continuous water adsorption states promoted by Ni2+ confined in a synthetic smectite
Complex and liquid hydrides for energy storage
A new complex alkali metal aluminium amide borohydride, Li2Al(ND2)4BH4: Synthesis, thermal analysis and crystal structure
Metallic intermediate hydride phase of LaMg2Ni with Ni-H covalent bonding: Precursor state for complex hydride formation
Reaction kinetics of protons and oxide ions in LSM/lanthanum tungstate cathodes with Pt nanoparticle activation
Extending the applicability of the Goldschmidt tolerance factor to arbitrary ionic compounds
Preparation and self-assembly of amphiphilic polylysine dendrons
Quantification and key factors in delamination of (Mg1-yNiy)1-xAlx(OH3)x·mH2O
Complexes of PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymer P123 and bile salt sodium glycodeoxycholate in aqueous solution: A small angle X-ray and neutron scattering investigation
Aluminium substituted lanthanum based perovskite type oxides, non-stoichiometry and performance in methane partial oxidation by framework oxygen
Cooperative particles: Patchy colloids, active matter and nanofluids
Crystal Structure of LaSr3Fe3O8(OH)2·xH2O
Kinetics studies of the reversible partial decomposition reaction in Mg(BH4)2
Neutron scattering: Introduction
Total neutron scattering
Small angle neutron scattering
Metal hydrides: Properties and applications of alanates
The influence of LiH on the rehydrogenation behavior of halide free rare earth (RE) borohydrides (RE = Pr, Er)
Recent progress in magnesium borohydride Mg(BH4)2: Fundamentals and applications for energy storage
Milling time effect of Reactive Hydride Composites of NaF-NaH-MgB2 investigated by in situ powder diffraction
Continuous water adsorption states promoted by Ni2+ confined in a synthetic smectite
KNH2–KH: a metal amide–hydride solid solution
Novel structural changes during temperature-induced self-assembling and gelation of PLGA-PEG-PLGA triblock copolymer in aqueous solutions
Thermochromic and photochromic colour change in Mg-Ni-H thin films
Ternary phases (Heusler) in the system Ti-Co-Sn
Iron and niobium based additives in magnesium hydride: Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties
Towards high performance CoFe2O4 isotropic nanocrystalline powder for permanent magnet applications
Synthesis, structure and properties of new bimetallic sodium and potassium lanthanum borohydrides
Mg(BH4)2 –studies of additives and isotopic exchange
Quaternary Mg-based transition-metal complex hydrides produced by reactive milling
Crystal structure indicator: The ionic filling fraction of hydrides with arbitrary arranged ionic components
Synchrotron techniques for the Mg2FeH6-Mg(BH4)2 hydrogen storage system
Mg(BH4)2 – reaction pathways and effect of additives
Precursor state for formation of a complex hydride
Synthesis, structure and properties of newbimetallic M-RE-BH4 compounds, RE = La, M= Na, K
KNH2 – KK: a metal amide – hydride solid solution
Reversible composite mixtures with rare earth borohydrides (RE=Er, Gd, La) and light metal borohydrides
Quaternary Mg-based transition-metal complex hydrides produced by reactive milling
Structural morphology effects on the electrochemical cycling of MgH2 anode for lithium ion batteries