The role of the discount rates in energy systems optimisation models
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Hydrogenproduksjon fra Rotnes bruk
Metal hydride hydrogen compression: recent advances and future prospects
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In operando neutron diffraction study of a commercial graphite/(Ni, Mn, Co) oxide-based multi-component lithium ion battery
Phase-structural transformations in a metal hydride battery anode La1.5Nd0.5MgNi9 alloy and its electrochemical performance
In situ neutron powder diffraction study of phase-structural transformations in the La–Mg–Ni battery anode alloy
OC5 Project Phase Ib: Validation of hydrodynamic loading on a fixed, flexible cylinder for offshore wind applications
Development, verification and validation of 3DFloat; Aero-servo-hydro-elastic Computations of offshore structures
Comparison of experiments, CFD simulations and a finite element code on a stiff monopile in shallow water under shoaling regular waves
Experimental validation of a dynamic mooring lines code with tension and motion measurements of a submerged chain
Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016. Cities, flexibility and pathways to carbon-neutrality
Energiteknologi og energiøkonomi: Analyser av energipolitikk i to ulike modelltradisjoner
The impact of Zero Energy Buildings on the Scandinavian energy system
Comparison of experiments and CFD simulations of a braceless concrete semi-submersible platform
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