Pulsed laser deposition and optical band gap engineering in multinary transparent conducting oxide thinfilms
Modulating the fixed charge density in silicon nitride films while monitoring the surface recombination velocity by photoluminescence imaging
Angle resolved characterization of nanostructured and conventionally textured silicon solar cells
On the shape of n-type Czochralski silicon top ingots
PC1Dmod 6.1 – state-of-the-art models in a well-known interface for improved simulation of Si solar cells
Electronic and optical properties of magnesium and calcium hydroxides: the role of covalency and many-body effects
D-π-A system based on zinc porphyrin dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Combined experimental and DFT-TDDFT study
Deposition reactors for solar grade silicon: A comparative thermal analysis of a Siemens reactor and a fluidized bed reactor
Structure and dislocation development in mono-like silicon
Preparation of meta-stable phases of barium titanate by Sol-hydrothermal method
Optimization of the antireflection coating of thin epitaxial crystalline silicon solar cells
Temperature dependent quantum efficiencies in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
SiOyNx/SiNx stack anti-reflection coating with PID-resistance for crystalline silicon solar cells
Tunneling contact passivation simulations using silvaco atlas
Low cost / high quality silicon production by centrifuge CVD reactor upscaled and hot harvest
Effect of phosphorus gettering on quasi-single-crystalline silicon wafers
Boron-oxygen-related degradation in multicrystalline silicon wafers
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