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Factors in offshore planning that affect the risk for major accidents
Using virtual mock-ups and automated assistance to support human factors engineering design evaluation activities for control room layouts
Integrated system validation (ISV): The acceptabilty analysis process
How to run a control room simulator research study
The plant panel: Feasibility study of an interactive large screen concept for process monitoring and operation
The importance of operator input to human reliability analysis
A checklist for integrating and planning human factors engineering activities in control room modernization projects
Exploring sub-dimensions of situation awareness to support integrated system validation
Bridging the gap: Adapting advanced display technologies for use in hybrid control rooms
Extending the UML statecharts notation to model security aspects
Handheld computerized procedure systems - Challenges and solutions
Reduction of uncertainty of thermal performance calculations in nuclear power plants
Lifetime modeling of equipment at nuclear power plants
Communicating hazard log information to empower stakeholders and achieve increased safety
Safety demonstration challenges and recommendations in the nuclear field
Safety requirements for integrating remotely piloted aircraft systems in civil airspace.
Use of a handheld tool to support control room and field operator collaboration
Improving ICT tools as support for morning meetings in the oil and gas industry
How HRA can drive plant improvement
Applying a reliability metric for assessing computer-based logical diagrams
The continued development of the MFM suite and its practical application on a PWR system
Human-performance tools as means to promote system resilience
Towards an approach for training nuclear power plant operations crew members in handling unforeseen events
Exploring measures of workload, situation awareness, and task performance in the main control room
Telemedicine in oil and gas: Current status and potential improvements
Nødnett i norske kommuner – Erfaringer fra de første fasene
A micro-task method for assessing performance effects of innovative interface elements
Strengthening the HF/E value proposition: Introducing the capability approach
SCORE - An integrated performance measure for control room validation
An overall framework for the definition of requirements, criteria and human engineering discrepancies for control room validation
Challenges and proposals for managing major accident risk through the planning process
Information-rich design: A concept for large-screen display graphics. Design principles and graphic elements for real-world complex processes
Application of an approach for traceability during safety systems development project documentation
Investigating fulfilment of traceability requirements in a combined process for safety and security assessments
Computerized emergency operating procedures for control room shift technical advisor
Empirisk basert utvikling av et kartleggingsinstrument for å måle en organisasjons strategiske evne til å håndtere det uforutsette