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A numerical model of hydraulic fracturing observed during injection testing of a well in Adventdalen, Svalbard

Wangen, M. , Yarushina, V.
77th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2015, Madrid (Spain), 2015-06-01--06-04
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Direct observations of propagating hydraulic fractures are currently not possible. Therefore, models of injection operations are needed for the understanding of the fracturing process. We have developed a simple finite element model of hydraulic fracturing based on Biot’s linear poroelasticity and a criterion for fracture propagation. The model is non-linear due to the feed-back from the fracture propagation on the pressure field. The model is calibrated against pressure observations from a well drilled and tested in the valley Adventdalen at Svalbard. The simulation results capture the qualitative behaviour of the observed well pressure. The simulations assume an average lateral permeability in the interval of measured sandstone permeabilities, but the modelling suggests that only 1/5 of the reservoir layer is permeable. The final linear fracture that develops during the injection test extends nearly 1000m long on each side of the injection well.
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