Crystal structure and in situ decomposition of Eu(BH4)2 and Sm(BH4)2
Photocatalytic degradation and antimicrobial applications of F-doped MWCNTs/TiO2 composites
Photocatalytic and antimicrobial activities of fluorine doped TiO2-carbon nano cones and disc composites
Research and development for a metal hydride tank with double coil type heat exchanger below 1.0 MPa (G) operation
On the rehydrogenation of decomposed Ca(BH4)2
Anisotropic clay-polystyrene nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization and mechanical properties
Hydrogen cycling in γ-Mg(BH4)2 with cobalt-based additives
Synthesis and thermal decomposition of Mg(BH4)2-TMO (TMO=TiO2;ZrO2;Nb2O5;MoO3) composites
Intercalation and retention of carbon dioxide in a smectite clay promoted by interlayer cations
On the thermal stability and structures of layered double hydroxides Mg1–xAlx(OH)2(NO3)x·mH2O (0.18 ≤ x ≤ 0.38)
Composite microdiscs with a magnetic belt: Preparation, chaining properties, and use as switchable catalyst carriers
New FCC Mg-Zr and Mg-Zr-ti deuterides obtained by reactive milling
Cooperative particles: Patchy colloids, active matters and nanofluids. The Geilo School 2015, 16-26 March, Geilo, Norway: Poster Abstracts
Synchrotron diffraction studies of hydrogen absorption/desorption on CaH2 + MgB2 Reactive hydride composite mixed with fluorinated compounds
Schizophrenic micellization in aqueous solutions of the pH- and temperature responsive pentablock terpolymer PDEAEMAx-b-PNIPAAMy-b-PEGz-b-PNIPAAMy-b-PDEAEMAx
Metal aluminum amides for hydrogen storage – Crystal structure studies
Hydrogen storage properties of rare earth (RE) borohydrides (RE = La, Er) in composite mixtures with LiBH4 and LiH
Effect of synthesis route on the hydrogen storage properties of 2MgH2–Fe compound doped with LiBH4
Self-assembly of a hydrophobically end-capped charged amphiphilic triblock copolymer: effects of temperature and salinity
Structural and magnetic aspects of La4(Co1-xNix)3O10+δ (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)
Complex transition metal hydrides incorporating ionic hydrogen: Synthesis and characterization of Na2Mg2FeH8 and Na2Mg2RuH8
Simultaneous desorption behavior of M borohydrides and Mg2FeH6 reactive hydride composites (M = Mg, then Li, Na, K, Ca)
Isotopic exchange in porous and dense magnesium borohydride
Hydrogen storage properties of γ–Mg(BH4)2 modified by MoO3 and TiO2
Deuterium exchange dynamics in Zr2NiD4.8 studied by 2H MAS NMR spectroscopy
Combined X-ray and Raman studies on the effect of cobalt additives on the decomposition of magnesium borohydride
Effects of Bile Salt Sodium Glycodeoxycholate on the Self-Assembly of PEO-PPO-PEO Triblock Copolymer P123 in Aqueous Solution
Magnetic properties of graphene nanodisk and nanocone powders at low temperatures