Man, Technology and Organisation

Use-case of an agent-oriented framework for supervision, diagnosis and prognosis applications


Thunem, H. P-J
ESREL 2012 / International Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference , 11 (PSAM), Helsinki, 2012-06-25--06-29
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The paper describes the continued development of the Java-based ShapeShifter framework, previously described in papers published in the ESREL 2010 and 2011 proceedings, including updated and new base classes, visual components and essential functionality. The framework is based on the Capability-Oriented Agent Theory, advocating a multi-purpose view of socio-technical systems as made of human, organizational and technical agents and their assets. The paper further reports on how the framework is being used in the development of a graphical editor supporting the Multilevel Flow Modeling (MFM) method, to be utilized for Supervision, Diagnosis, and Prognosis (SDP) applications in advanced automation environments. The recently started development of the ShapeShifter-based Process Modeler, which in combination with the MFM Editor and the reasoning capabilities of the MFM Workbench developed by the Technical University of Denmark will constitute the MFM Suite, is also described.