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Use of a handheld device as a tool for process information updates in nuclear power plants
The development and usability test of a state based alarm system for a nuclear power plant simulator
Collaboration surfaces for outage control centers
Detecting system failures from durations and binary cues
Patterns in safety analysis
Improving oil & gas installation safety through visualization of risk factors
Inter-rater reliability of expert-based performance measures
Situation awareness in process control: a fresh look
Team transparency in computerised NPP control rooms
Supporting human factors engineering design review activities using virtual control room mockups
Implementation and validation of the variational nodal expansion method core simulator
Major accident prevention in the planning process of offshore operation and maintenance activities - initial study
Towards guidance for assessment of "training" as a performance-shaping factor in human-reliability analysis
Results and insights derived from the intra-method comparisons of the US HRA Empirical Study
Overview and preliminary results of the US Empirical HRA Study
Conclusions on human reliability analysis (HRA) methods from the International HRA Empirical Study
A combined process for elicitation and analysis of safety and security requirements
Use-case of an agent-oriented framework for supervision, diagnosis and prognosis applications
Development and evaluation of a temporary placement and conveyance operation simulation system using augmented reality
On-line fault recognition system for the analogic channels of VVER 1000/400 nuclear reactors
Understanding maintenance activities in a macrocognitive work system
Planning for resilient collaboration at a new petroleum installation – A case study of a coaching approach
A pattern-based method for safe control systems exemplified within nuclear power production
Visualisation of risk for hydrocarbon leakages in the planning of maintenance and modification activities on offshore petroleum installations
Improving security and safety modelling with failure sequence diagrams
Supporting failure mode and effect analysis: A case study with failure sequence diagrams
Health assessment of choke valves undergoing erosion with a hybrid ensemble approach
A comparison between the nuclear and the maritime domains on challenges related to technological advances
Detailed analysis of four categories of culture-driven organizational factors in the light of incident analysis
Alienation and seamanship: A field study of an offshore service vessel