The location of Ti containing phases after the completion of the NaAlH4 + xTiCl3 milling process
Functionality of the nanoscopic crystalline Al/amorphous Al 50Ti50 surface embedded composite observed in the NaAlH4 + xTiCl3 system after milling
Metal content and morphology of nanostructured Ag–Pd co-deposits
A physico-chemical characterisation of new raw materials for microcrystalline cellulose manufacturing
Enhanced hydrogen uptake/release in 2LiH–MgB2 composite with titanium additives
Individual strings of conducting carbon cones and discs in a polymer matrix: Electric field-induced alignment and their use as a strain sensor
Guided self-assembly of nanostructured titanium oxide
Hydrogen atom distribution and hydrogen induced site depopulation for the La 2-xMg xNi 7-H system
Hindered rotational energy barriers of BH 4 - tetrahedra in β-Mg(BH 4) 2 from quasielastic neutron scattering and DFT calculations
New aspects on the decomposition of sodium alanate revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering
Amorphous Al 1-xTi x, Al 1-xV x, and Al 1-xFe x phases in the hydrogen cycled TiCl 3, VCl 3 and FeCl 3 enhanced NaAlH 4 systems
Small-angle scattering investigations on nanoconfined sodium alanate for hydrogen storage applications
3CaH 2 + 4MgB 2 + CaF 2 reactive hydride composite as a potential hydrogen storage material: Hydrogenation and dehydrogenation pathway
Improvement of thermal stability of Nd-Tb-Fe-Co-B sintered magnets by additions of Pr, Ho, Al, and Cu
Aqueous mixtures of a trisiloxane surfactant and oil studied by SANS and NMR self-diffusion: Effect of temperature and oil concentration
Influence of nanoconfinement on morphology and dehydrogenation of the Li11BD4–Mg(11BD4)2 system
Small-angle neutron scattering investigations of nanoconfined hydrides
Diffraction studies of materials for hydrogen storage
Dipolar structuring of organically modified fluorohectorite clay particles
The role of Ca(BH 4) 2 polymorphs
Hydrogen absorption kinetics of the transition-metal-chloride-enhanced NaAlH 4 system
Polymorphic composition of alane after cryomilling with fluorides
Effects of addition of anionic and cationic surfactants to poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels with and without acrylic acid groups
Cationic polythiophene-surfactant self-assembly complexes: Phase transitions, optical response, and sensing
Four-factor optimization for electrochemical conversion of WC-Ni pseudo alloy in sulfuric acid solutions
Swelling transition of a clay induced by heating
Hydrogen absorption kinetics and structural features of NaAlH 4 enhanced with transition-metal and Ti-based nanoparticles
A structural review of nanoscopic Al1−xTMx phase formation in the TMCln enhanced NaAlH4 system
MgH2 in carbon scaffolds: A combined experimental and theoretical investigation
Chloride substitution induced by mechano-chemical reactions between NaBH4 and transition metal chlorides
Halide substitution in magnesium borohydride
Conductivity enhancement of silver filled polymer composites through electric field alignment
Complex coacervate micelles formed by a C18-capped cationic triblock thermoresponsive copolymer interacting with SDS
Microelectromechanical strain and pressure sensors based on electric field aligned carbon cone and carbon black particles in a silicone elastomer matrix
Aggregation properties of conjugated polyelectrolytes
Periodic-DFT of a disordered system: Mg2(FeH6) 0.5(CoH5)0.5
Dipolar ordering of clay particles in various carrier fluids
A pentablock polymer forming core-shell structures
Field induced microparticle structure formation in fluids
Cooperative phenomena in flows: Multidisciplinary perspectives