Prosess- og strømningsteknologi

Cold cracking in DC-cast high strength aluminum alloy ingots: An intrinsic problem intensified by casting process parameters
Phase-field modeling of two-dimensional solute precipitation/dissolution: Solid fingers and diffusion-limited precipitation
Lattice–Boltzmann simulations of dynamic interfacial tension due to soluble amphiphilic surfactant
Fast numerical treatment of nonlinear wave equations by spectral methods
Thermo-mechanical analysis of the ingot-crucible contact during multi-crystalline silicon ingot casting
The mechanism of porosity formation during solvent-mediated phase transformations
Three-dimensional electromagnetic strong turbulence. I. Scalings, spectra, and field statistics
Energy law preserving C0 finite element schemes for phase field models in two-phase flow computations
Three-dimensional electromagnetic strong turbulence. II. Wave packet collapse and structure of wave packets during strong turbulence
Dissipative-particle-dynamics model of biofilm growth
The development of Alsim - A modelling tool for direct chill casting, twin roll casting, wheel and belt casting and chain conveyor casting
3D thermo-mechanical modelling of wheel and belt continuous casting
Simultaneous entrainment of oil and water droplets in high Reynolds number gas turbulence in horizontal pipe flow
Crack propagation driven by crystal growth
4D imaging of fracturing in organic-rich shales during heating
Effect of aqueous phase pH on the dynamic interfacial tension of acidic crude oils and myristic acid in dodecane
Kinetic modelling of particle diffusion and transport in turbulent flow