Oil and Gas

Visualization and verification of dependable work processes for stakeholder-driven organizations


Thunem, A. P-J , Thunem, H. P-J
ESREL 2011 Conference, Troyes, France, 2011-09-18--09-22. Advances in safety, reliability and risk management / Bérenguer, Grall & Guedes Soares (eds.). CRC Press, 2011 - ISBN 978-0-415-68379-1, pp. 249-257
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Based on experiences from different domains such as telecommunication, transport, energy (including petroleum and nuclear) and health, this paper addresses a variety of challenges that are involved in visualization and verification of dependable (thus also risk-informed) work processes for stakeholder-driven organizations, where the customers constitute one group of stakeholders (often divided into sub-groups). In that respect, the topic and related issues discussed in the paper are a direct contribution to trustworthy solutions for the challenges faced by the petroleum industry in improved implementation and management of Integrated Operations (IO) as well as improved compliance with current and coming generations of IO.