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SACS - a pattern language for Safe Adaptive Control Software


Hauge, A. , Stølen, K.
Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP), 18, Portland (USA), 2011-10-21--10-23
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This article puts forward a pattern language for Safe Adap- tive Control Software named SACS. We interpret the term \pattern language" in line with Alexander in [1] where a set of patterns, the interconnections between them, and how these are intended to be used make up a language. The pattern language consists of three basic types of patterns, namely the Requirement Pattern, the Design Pattern, and the Safety Case Pattern and a composite pattern type. The patterns are intended to be used in the context of safety re- lated and safety critical systems, thus the safety aspect is a principal concern. The pattern language may be used as a tool for e.g. safety engineers and system developers to in- crease e ectiveness during conceptual design and facilitate e ective evaluation of alternative adaptive design solutions with respect to utilisation in a safety related application.