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A grey-box approach for predicting the well bottom-hole pressure in pressure-controlled drilling operations


Gola, G. , Nybø, R. , Sui, D.
International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Engineering Management (COMADEM), 24, Stavanger, 2011-05-30--06-01. Proceedings /ed. by Maneesh Singh et al. - COMADEM International, U.K. - ISBN 0-9541307-2-3
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Drilling operations require accurate monitoring due to the cost and safety issues involved. In particular, information collected during operations is used by the control systems to regulate and manage the process with the aim of keeping it safe and stable. Given the harsh environmental conditions during drilling, some parameters are either hard to measure directly or their prediction is often unreliable. To overcome such problems, model-based approaches are often used to provide a reliable prediction of the critical parameters based on other correlated and reliable measurements. In this respect, physical or empirical modeling techniques can be adopted. In this paper, a so-called grey-box approach which combines a physical model and an empirical system is proposed to provide highly accurate predictions of the well bottom-hole pressure which is a critical parameter used by the control systems during managed pressure drilling operations. The grey-box approach is applied to real measurements collected at a platform in the North Sea.