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A resilience markers framework for small teams
Signal reconstruction by a GA-optimized ensemble of PCA models
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Use of Virtual Reality technology for radiation visualisation and real-time dose calculation during the remediation at Andreeva Bay in Russia
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Two novel procedures for aggregating randomized model ensemble outcomes for robust signal reconstruction in nuclear power plants monitoring systems
Quality aspects in planning of maintenance and modification on offshore oil and gas installations
Simulator-based human factors studies across 25 years : The history of the Halden Man-Machine Laboratory
Analysis of error propagation between software processes
Recent progress in VNEM neutron transport equation solver in a LWR core - application to BWR
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SACS - a pattern language for Safe Adaptive Control Software
Towards patterns for handling safety critical adaptive control software
Ensemble methods for process monitoring in oil and gas industry operations
A model-based ensemble approach to plant-wide online sensor monitoring
From measurement collection to remaining useful life estimation: defining a diagnostic-prognostic frame for optimal maintenance scheduling of choke valves undergoing erosion
Comparison of time- and state-space non-stationary gamma processes for estimating the remaining useful life of choke valves undergoing erosion
Large-scale on-line sensor fault detection and signal reconstruction in nuclear power plants
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