Aligned carbon cones in free-standing UV-Curable polymer composite
Experimental and computational investigations on the AlH 3/AlF3 system
Gel formation and interpolymer alkyl chain interactions with poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-2,7-diyl) (PFO) in toluene solution: Results from NMR, SANS, DFT, and semiempirical calculations and their implications for PFO beta-phase formation
Conductivity enhancement in carbon nanocone adhesive by electric field induced formation of aligned assemblies
Small-angle X-ray scattering study of a Rex family repressor: Conformational response to NADH and NAD+ binding in solution
Tuning structural and optical properties of blue-emitting polymeric semiconductors
Network structure of polyfluorene sheets as a function of alkyl side chain length
Characterization of temperature-induced association in aqueous solutions of charged ABCBA-type pentablock tercopolymers
Investigation of bixbyite type scandium oxides involving a magnetic cation: Sc2-xFexO3 (0≤x≤1)
Directed assembly of carbon nanocones into wires with an epoxy coating in thin films by a combination of electric field alignment and subsequent pyrolysis
An in situ neutron diffraction study of the thermal disproportionation of the Zr2FeD5 system
Structure, water uptake, and electrical conductivity of TiP2O7
Anion substitution in Ca(BH4)2-CaI2: Synthesis, structure and stability of three new compounds
Crystal structure and dynamics of Mg(ND3)6Cl 2
Microstructural changes in porous hematite nanoparticles upon calcination
Chloride-substitution in sodium borohydride
Cooperative Phenomena in Flows : Geilo Advanced Study Institute, Geilo, Norway, 4-14 April 2011 : Poster abstracts
Nanoscopic Al1-xCex phases in the NaH + Al + 0.02CeCl3 system
Conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE) poly[3-[6-(N-methylimidazolium)hexyl]-2,5-thiophene] complexed with aqueous sodium dodecylsulfate amphiphile: synthesis, solution structure and “surfactochromic” properties
Development of intermolecular structure and beta-phase of random poly[9,9-bis(2-ethylhexyl)fluorene]-co-(9,9-dioctylfluorene) in methylcyclohexane
Thermally induced phase transitions of barium oxalates
NdHO, a novel oxyhydride
Prediction of crystal structure, lattice dynamical, and mechanical properties of CaB2H2
Decomposition of lithium magnesium aluminum hydride
The crystal structure of the first borohydride borate, Ca3(BD4)3(BO3)
Asphaltenes precipitated by a two-step precipitation procedure. 2. Physical and chemical characteristics
Mechano-chemical reactions in LiBH4 + VCln (n = 2 and 3) mixtures
Adjustment of the decomposition path for Na2LiAlH6 by TiF3 addition
Can reduced size of metals induce hydrogen absorption: ZrAl2 case
Two new cluster ions, Ga[GaH3]4 5- with a neopentane structure in Rb8Ga5H15 and [GaH 2]n n- with a polyethylene structure in Rb n(GaH2)n, represent a new class of compounds with direct Ga-Ga bonds mimicking common hydrocarbons
Hydride formation in Mg-based systems processed by reactive milling
TEM characterization of pure and transition metal enhanced NaAlH4
Structuring from nanoparticles in oil-based ferrofluids
A grand canonical Monte Carlo study of hydrogen adsorption in carbon nanohorns and nanocones at 77 K
Bromide substitution in lithium borohydride, LiBH4–LiBr
A strain sensor based on an aligned carbon particle string in a UV-cured polymer matrix
Synthesis, crystal structure, and thermal properties of the first mixed-metal and anion-substituted rare earth borohydride LiCe(BH 4)3Cl
Structural studies of lithium zinc borohydride by neutron powder diffraction, Raman and NMR spectroscopy
Synthesis and characterization of novel borohydrides
Bond character of carbon cones and discs
Altering the properties of metal borohydrides by substitution
Biological capillaries may behave as memristors
Nanoparticle alignment by electric field for controlled structure formation
Conductivity enhancement and electromechanical properties of electric field aligned carbon cone wires
Synthesis and characterization of novel borohydrides (invited talk)
Ferrofluid viscosity measurements using oscillating magnetc holes
Decomposition studies of Ca(BH4)2
Rare-earth magnets with the increased temperature and temporary stability
Field alignment of nanoparticles for electrically conductive composites
Materials for hydrogen storage - challenges and recent achievements