Sikkerhet MTO

Robust nuclear signal reconstruction by a novel ensemble model aggregation procedure
Safety presentation in large screen displays - A new approach
Creating an intelligent energy organization through collective learning
Means-ends and whole-part traceability analysis of safety requirements
Coping with automation in future plants
ShapeShifter: A generic framework for identifying, categorizing, analyzing, configuring and managing information assets of systems and their agents
Development within safety and event analysis research: Categorizing and discussing the approaches
Promoting trust between members of distributed teams. Lessons learned from an exploratory study in the petroleum industry
Comparing two techniques for intrusion visualization
BOL core simulations based on the VNEM neutron transport equation solver
Large scale nuclear sensor monitoring and diagnostics by means of an ensemble of regression models based on Evolving Clustering Methods
Development of early warning indicators based on resilience engineering
Towards a model of procedure following for predictive cognitive task analysis
Lessons learned on benchmarking from the International Human Reliability Analysis Empirical Study
Qualitative analysis makes simple HRA methods a competitive alternative
Quantitative results of the HRA Empirical Study and the role of quantitative data in benchmarking
Lessons learned on human reliability analysis (HRA) methods for the International HRA Empirical Study
The International HRA Empirical Study: Simulator results from the loss of feedwater scenarios
Survey on techniques for modeling of dependencies in the digital I&C design phase
A comparative study of radiation visualization techniques for interactive 3D software applications
Scrutinizing cultural factors in the course of events
Model-based condition monitoring techniques for balance of plant analysis using TEMPO
Mimir - Continued work on a modular framework for condition monitoring and diagnostics
Improving alarm visualization and consistency for a BWR large screen display using the information rich concept
Multi-layered HSI design: Part-plant overview displays
Performance ahead: Innovative digital, information and communication technologies for safer and more efficient outages in nuclear power plants
Building safety – Resilient decision processes in integrated operations. Summary report