Prosess- og strømningsteknologi

Coupled Langmuir and nonlinear ion acoustic waves in the presence of non-thermal electrons
A phase-field approach to no-slip boundary conditions in dissipative particle dynamics and other particle models for fluid flow in geometrically complex confined systems
Diffuse-interface model for smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Numerical modeling of the behavior of an elastic capsule in a microchannel flow: The initial motion
A droplet transport model for channel and pipe flow based on particle kinetic theory and a stress–ω turbulence model
Lagrangian particle model for multiphase flows
New approach to quantifying solidification path in modelling of macrosegregation in multicomponent Al alloys
Dissipative Particle Dynamics and other particle methods for multiphase fluid flow in fractured and porous media
Analysis of the impact of macrosegregation on hot tearing conditions during DC casting of aluminium alloys
Suspensions in turbulent liquid pipe flow: Kinetic modelling and added mass effects
Void fronts in pipeline-riser slug flow
The growth of pyramids and pits on hematite mediated by redox chemistry and bulk electron transport
An experimental investigation of roll waves in high pressure two-phase inclined pipe flows
Modeling and simulation of pore-scale multiphase fluid flow and reactive transport in fractured and porous media
A mechanistic model for roll waves for two-phase pipe flow
Basic flow modelling for long distance transport of wellstream fluids
Analysing hydrate transport problems - New solutions from small scale experiments?
Numerical simulation of an intermediate sized bubble rising in a vertical pipe
Modelling the development of stresses during single and multipass welding of a ferritic steel in an instrumented restraint cracking test
Modelling of macrosegregation in multicomponent aluminium alloys
Wave regimes in two-layer microchannel flow
Bottom friction effects on linear wave propagation
Transport of high viscosity oil in long pipelines
Programming standards for IfeFEM and derived applications : Fortran 90/95 version