Sikkerhet MTO

Introduction of computer-based systems in near future nuclear power plant control rooms. Experiences from a small-scale empirical study
Interaction and interaction skills in an integrated operations setting
Towards a holistic and dependable framework for dealing with HOT systems' vulnerabilities involving human and organizational factors
Vision-based diagnostics - The Vision tool and preliminary case examples
Mimir - A modular framework for condition monitoring and diagnostics
A procedure for the reconstruction of faulty signals by means of an ensemble of regression models based on principal component analysis
A survey of organization studies relevant to safety and dependability
Lessons learned from Halden Project research on human system interfaces
A method for function analysis and allocation in IO-driven MTO systems : challenges and prospects
Facilitating adequate prioritization of safety goals in distributed teams at the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Critical features of emergency procedures : Empirical insights form simulations of nuclear power plant operation
Culture as a fundament for considering or neglecting the role of organizational factors in root causes of events
Using nuclear power plant training simulators for operator performance and human reliability research
Lessons learned from the Extended Teamwork Study on Work Organization, Collaboration Technologies, and Automatic Agents
Metacognition in nuclear process control
TRACE : A generic tool for dependable requirements engineering
Virtual sensing and PEMS technology for offshore emissions monitoring
The International HRA Empirical Study - Utilizing HAMMLAB simulator data to evaluate HRA methods
Living HRA: Building new communities of practice for proactive safety management
Simulator studies for HRA: The HAMMLAB experience
Human reliability analysis for control room upgrades
Performing code interface analysis on the Scorpio core surveillance framework
What constitutes a good human system interface? Lessons learned from Halden Project research
A comparison of three alternative means for safety critical control
Evaluation of the Fortum IRD Pilot
The use of metrics to assess software component dependencies
Realizing the information rich design for the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant
Identifying the most important component dependencies in compound software: An experimental study
VR based Training System to support on-site fuel processing for the Russian RBMK-type NPPs