Crystal structure and magnetic properties of the solid-solution phase Ca3Co2-vMnvO6
Quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS) studies on the 1:1 tetramethylpyrazine-1,2,4,5-tetracyanobenzene complex
Observations of nanoscopic, face centered cubic Ti and TiH x
Hydride formation in ball-milled and cryomilled Mg-Fe powder mixtures
Rheological and structural aspects on association of hydrophobically modified polysaccharides
Phase diagram of polydisperse Na-fluorohectorite-water suspensions: A synchrotron small-angle x-ray scattering study
Flop of electric polarization driven by the flop of the Mn spin cycloid in multiferroic TbMnO3
Behavior of carbon cone particle dispersions in electric and magnetic fields
Aqueous solution behavior of anionic fluorene-co-thiophene-based conjugated polyelectrolytes
Studies of mixed hydrides based on Mg and Ca by reactive ball milling
A search for new Mg- and K-containing alanates for hydrogen storage
Synthesis and hydrogen sorption properties of Mg–Ti–Ni composite, produced by mechanical milling at liquid nitrogen temperature
Investigation of (Mg, Al, Li, H)-based hydride and alanate mixtures produced by reactive ball milling
Structure and magnetism of the β-Mn-Co solid-solution phase
Mechanochemical synthesis of alane
The identification of a hitherto unknown intermediate phase CaB2Hx from decomposition of Ca(BH4)(2)
The formation mechanism and structural characterization of the mixed transition-metal complex hydride Mg-2(FeH6)(0.5)(CoH5)(0.5) obtained by reactive milling
Mechanochemical synthesis of aluminium nanoparticles and their deuterium sorption properties to 2 kbar
Structure of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose from various wood species, cotton and flax studied by X-ray scattering
The isotropic−nematic interface in suspensions of Na−fluorohectorite synthetic clay
Gravitational and magnetic separation in self-assembled clay-ferrofluid nanocomposites
Structural tuning of magnetism in the orthorhombic perovskite Nd1-xYxMnO3: Evidence for magnetic phase separation
Carbon discs and carbon cones — New high risk materials for nano-sensors with low detection limit and fast kinetics
Effects of temperature and pH on the contraction and aggregation of microgels in aqueous suspensions
Structure of the orthorhombic gamma-phase and phase transitions of Ca(BD4)(2)
Small-angle scattering investigations of Mg-borohydride infiltrated in activated carbon
Signature of checkerboard fluctuations in the phonon spectra of a possible polaronic metal La1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7
Syntheses, crystal structures, and thermal analyses of solvent-free Ca(AlD4)2 and CaAlD5
Nanoconfined hydrides measured for hydrogen storage
Slow salt-induced aggregation of citrate-covered silver particles in aqueous solutions of cellulose derivatives
Carbon nanocones: wall structure and morphology
Order, robustness and instabilities in complex systems
Order, robustness and instabilities in complex systems : Geilo Advanced Study Institute, Geilo, Norway, 23 March - 2 April 2009: Poster abstracts
Evolution from cellular to social scales : NATO Advanced Study Institute, Geilo, Norway, 10 - 20 April 2007: Poster abstracts