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Combustion-type hydrogenation of nanostructured Mg-based composites for hydrogen storage

Lototsky, M.V. , Denys, R.V. , Yartys, V.A.
International journal of energy research, Vol. 33, no. 13 (2009), 1114-1125
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In this study Reactive Ball Milling in hydrogen gas was used to synthesize nanostructured hydrogenated composites of Mg and V-based alloy. After hydrogen desorption, the nanocomposites exhibited a dramatic facilitation of the rate of H absorption by Mg and reduction of the temperature of onset of hydrogenation. These favourable changes were caused by a synergy of catalytic effect of the V-based alloy on hydrogen absorption by Mg and heat release caused by exothermic hydrogen absorption by the V-based alloy. When the initial interaction temperature exceeded a threshold, rather low, value of 20-125°C, depending on the H2 pressure, composition of the sample and its total amount, a combustion-type hydrogenation took place. With optimal interaction parameters applied, H absorption was completed in just 5-70 s and was accompanied by a significant heat release. The observed features can be utilized to reach fast recharge of the Mg-based H stores and to develop efficient heat management systems. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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